Monterey Ashlar Seamless Magnetic Pattern Stamps


Monterey Ashlar Seamless Magnetic Set includes: SMP200A, Quantity 3 SMP200B, Quantity 3 SMP200.5, Quantity 1 (Half Tool) 2RS, Quantity 2 (Roman Slate Touch Up Skin) PLEASE CALL 800.221.9469 FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE and ESTIMATED DELIVERY WINDOW


Proline has made stamping concrete easier than ever before with their new innovative Seamless Magnetic Stamps.  The Monterey Ashlar Seamless Magnetic Pattern Stamps have no repeat patterns, just rotate and lock in place! The magnets on each of the stamps link up the tools to perfectly align the grout lines. Lighter weight for less user fatigue, significantly increased coverage and no joint touch up or squeeze out are just a few of the reasons customers are loving this new seamless concrete texturing system.



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