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Jessica Ricci

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As someone who struggled with PCOS, fertility, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I became passionate about preventative wellness and creating the healthiest ecosystem possible for myself.

Everything I teach is a combination of personal experience and what I’ve learned through my nutrition coach training. It’s what I continue to use in my daily life and what has helped my clients lose anywhere from 5-50 lbs safely!

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Weeknight Favorite! Carnitas!

Weeknight Favorite! Carnitas!

You’re gonna want to save this one!! THE BEST weeknight recipe ever. And it all started with a crockpot! I don’t know about you but taco night is a staple in our home. Since starting my nutrition plan, I usually do a taco “bowl” over cauliflower rice but for this I...

There is Power in the Pen

There is Power in the Pen

Ever since middle school I considered myself a bad writer because I didn’t make it into the Power of the Pen club. Isn’t it crazy how the littlest event or moment can shape some of our biggest thoughts about ourselves?! I used to research how to publish my own book,...



There’s nothing more painful than being stuck somewhere you don’t fit -AC. That can go for a lot of things. Clothes, dress size, yes those are our first thoughts. But what about in life? Have you ever just FELT down to your core that you were made for something more?...

We all have our hard

We all have our hard

Girl on left was up against a hard inevitable thing, staring it in the face. Girl on the right has walked through it, crawled, cried and is still going through it.. but is also standing before you stronger than ever. 3 hard weeks of working through + finding a new...


This is what my business looks like 99% of the time. Not posing in Lulu’s or being on social media all day everyday (in fact I’m not even “on” social media that much ). Not in person get together and workout parties (although we do have zoom workout parties). Not a...

Keep Yourself Active

When you’re not feelin yo’self.. go do something that gets you feelin yo’self!!!. It’s up to us to change our thoughts, and sometimes we need to take some action to give our mindset a little push in the right direction. Endorphins anyone? . Here’s a little inside...

Grief is like an annoying little sibling

Runs up and bitch slaps you out of nowhere then takes off, leaving you stung, throbbing, pissed as all get out, and wanting revenge. But as anyone with siblings KNOWS.. it’s not the initial attacker that gets busted. It’s the one who retaliates. You get in trouble,...

It wasn’t always this way

I didn’t always have a team to show up for. I didn’t start out knowing how to “do” social media. I barely had Instagram let alone know how to do stories or hashtags. I didn’t start out with muscles or abs or even much belief..I started with skepticism, baggy clothes...

It’s not about a size it’s about a feeling

It’s about how strong you feel How you feel in your clothes. Fit looks different on everybody It feels different for everyone. It’s about being able to LIVE your life Being able to get down on the floor and play with your babies Being able to do daily activities,...

How it started…How it’s going

Difference: 17 months, several programs, and zero quit..THEN: Scared less new mama, clueless, zero confidence, not a lick of energy but all the gratitude in the world for that sweet baby. I could barely bend down and stand back up let alone do one push up. Newborn...

Listening.. Waiting…

That stethoscope was one of my first “big” investments after finishing nursing school. It has listened to countless heartbeats, breaths, and bellies gurgling. It has been held on the chests of brand new babies, and the most experienced/eldest of our population. It has...

One more time

Let’s make goals we give a about!. Yes health and wellness is my jam. No I will not promise to give you results. Why? Because while I can (and will) literally give you ALL. THE. TOOLS. (And support, motivating vibes, tough love, virtual kicks in the pants) I cannot do...



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