10 Minute Core Work

March 30, 2021 | Fitness

10 Minute Core Work

ITS OK! It’s SKIN! You’re normal!!

As humans, we can be really hard on ourselves. We allow shame to define us, write our stories instead of hope + belief. We can speak to ourselves so harshly and in ways we would NEVER speak to anyone. Ever. So WHY do we do it to ourselves?!!

It’s so possible to be grateful for where you’ve been, where you are and also want to change and grow. It’s OKAY to want different things for your life and body. It’s OKAY to love and accept yourself and also work hard for what you want.

We have skin. Some of us have more than others. Some of ours has grown to house and grow another HUMAN! That’s AMAZING! And guess what? While it has elastin, it doesn’t snap back just the same as it was. All the collagen, spanx, lotions and potions, toning in the world won’t bring it back

to pre-baby. Some of us will always have a little extra, a little loose, a little stretch marked-up SKIN. Guess what else? THATS OKAY too

What you CAN do about it? Re-align your thoughts. Then get to work if you’re wanting to create some change.

Check out this 10 minute Ab blaster! Do each move for one minute. And SHARE with your workout bestie

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