3 Steps for Success

October 26, 2021 | Health + Wellness

3 Steps to Success:

1) Invest in yourself.

Let’s be honest.. when have you REALLY given your all? When you have no skin in the game? NO! It’s when you’ve invested something.. time, your hard earned money, sweat, tears. THATS when it matters most, THATS when you care more, double down and go ALL IN. Because you have skin in the game, you want to actually SEE and FEEL a return on your investment. My job as your Coach is to help you make that happen.

2) Follow the plan.

Not some of the plan, just the parts you want in the days you “feel like it.” The. Whole. Plan. That means dialing in your nutrition and being AWARE of what you’re consuming and how it’s affecting you, basing your food choices off that instead of what you feel like IN THE MOMENT. I work with you as your certified nutrition coach to help you identify the foods that work best for YOUR body, not some one-meal-plan-fits-all kinda program. We work with registered dietitians to bring you the very best nutrition plan for YOU and YOUR goals, not just what worked for so-and-so down the street.

3) Keep following the plan.

Not for a day, or a week. REAL SUSTAINABLE RESULTS take TIME. Some people start to lose weight right away, some people take 4-6 weeks of CONSISTENT effort to see their results take off. Every BODY is different. I will never sugar coat or lie to you. I will not tell you this will happen without your effort, because it won’t. I WILL be here to support you every day, every week, month and year as your progress in your journey. Because that’s exactly what will happen IF you follow the plan.. you WILL get results, you WILL achieve success, AND you WILL have to work for it.

If you’re sick and tired of trying all the things just to keep getting the same results, I’m here to help. I was in your shoes not so long ago. I KNOW how stuck and failure feel. I KNOW how being out of shape, out of breath, and staring at your lab values and doctor visit results wondering how you even got here and let it get that bad. I GET IT.

You’re not a lost cause, you absolutely CAN change your life and up level your health and happiness. I’m here to show you a different way and help you do it. Comment below or message me for more info

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