Are you a Member of the 4AM Club?

October 7, 2021 | Fitness, Health + Wellness, Wellness

Where my 4 AM clubbers?!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I had gotten out of the AM workout crew groove and it wasn’t easy diving back in. But I felt the benefits immediately 🔥

I didn’t feel like getting up early!

I’m a recovering snooze button smasher and I’d much rather have stayed under the warm cozy covers

I also have goals, a biz to run, and priorities that include ME time

I didn’t always wake up 2 hours early. It started with 20 minutes and I slowly (emphasis on SLOWLY 😜) worked my way up. This is MY time. For my sanity, health and soul. The rest of the day probably looks like yours.. work time is for the patients/boss, home time is for the kids and spouse, bedtime for her means work time for me and time I give to my coaches and clients.

All of that can happen either way. But it sure does happen BETTER and STRONGER when I make time for ME first. When I fill MY cup, I have more to give.

So for me, it’s waking up a couple hours earlier, praying and reading a devotional and a few pages from a personal development book (Current Read: The Big Leap), and now back to my AM workout with some time to spare before work.

It doesn’t always happen seamlessly or the way I’d imagined but I do my best to make it happen as much as possible. Everybody wins 💜

How are YOU filling your cup today?? Need some help? Check out the link below for a exclusive workout!

CLICK HERE FOR>> Upper body Lift + Cardio Circuit


-10 reps per move x 3 rounds


-1 minute per move x 2 rounds

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