Insta vs Reality

March 15, 2021 | Wellness, Mom Life

The real deal vs. the pic I could’ve posted.

I choose to love me, and show her how to love her. All the parts, all the time, come hell or high water.

There’s extras that all the collagen and high waisted leggings in the world won’t help. There’s a past that’s anything but spotless. And that’s okay. 20 months ago I hated what I saw in the mirror. I hated how I felt everyday. And finally I got sick of feeling that way.

Little changes, made consistently. Progress over perfection, always. Show up for me, model for her.

I grew up wanting to look just like the models with six pack abs in the magazines, not knowing the potentially negative habits and airbrushing that went into creating that image.

I grew up feeling less than, “unpretty” and looking for approval everywhere except within.

Thankfully, I found programs that not only instilled that confidence but gave me health + strength. If I give Audrey nothing else, I can give her that. The strong healthy mindset, self love, how to take care of her body and honor herself daily. So that it doesn’t take her til her 30s to feel like the confident, strong woman she will always be 💜.It’s SO much more than “just workouts” it’s a MOVEMENT! It’s strong women uplifting strong women

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