Is it hard? Yes! Its UNcomfortable.

October 19, 2021 | Health + Wellness

But being COMFORTABLE got you to a point you didn’t like, a point you wanted to change, a plateau you wanted to break. Think about that time.

For some of you it was a long time ago, for some its more recent, maybe now, and painfully clear in your mind. Think to that time you were stuck, broken, lost and unsure where to even start, how you even got to the state you were in. What are/were the things you’re NOT doing? What were/are the things that help you break free from that??

ENERGY FLOWS WHERE FOCUS GOES. So let’s focus on the things we KNOW will get us where we WANT to go. The ACTIONS we need to take to be the person we KNOW deep in our souls we were MEANT to be, the person we were MADE to be.

Those things and actions we need to take? I’m talking ALL those things in my free group this week. We kicked off this morning and there’s still time to get in! Come get your Monday motivation on with us.

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