It Wasn’t Always This Way

January 18, 2021 | Health + Wellness, Mom Life

I didn’t always have a team to show up for.

I didn’t start out knowing how to “do” social media. I barely had Instagram let alone know how to do stories or hashtags.

I didn’t start out with muscles or abs or even much belief..I started with skepticism, baggy clothes and barely a sliver of hope. I started with a team of one.. ME.

I got out of my comfort zone (I mean wayyyy out 😂🤪) and started sharing my journey. If I could bring myself home to raise our daughter and help other women in the process, I could deal with discomfort.

So I showed up, I read, I listened, I learned. I followed the steps of those doing what I wanted to do. I got into the room (virtually) with the people I needed to learn from. I took their lessons and took ACTION. I learned as I went, which is SO uncomfortable for me (where my type A’s?!!)

I made a decision. And I started taking action. Then I kept taking action. It’s simple. Not easy. 🤷🏻‍♀️😘

I’m here to drop the truthbombs + all the love, and show you the same steps I do every day.

I’m looking for the ones unafraid to do a little work, the ones ready to go after their dreams. I’ve got a free group this week taking you through my daily actions and giving you the chance to try it for yourself this week, see if it’s a good fit

Message me for access, we start tomorrow!!

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