Life Is Too Short For Ordinary

December 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

I absolutely loved it. Until I had a reason to question everything I’d ever known.

I got the degree, I got the job, I got the steady income. I also got the hospital’s needs, the hospital’s schedule, the call and the life that revolves around those things. I never minded, never thought a thing of it. I was raised in a healthcare family, it was all I knew. Holidays celebrated on whatever day my parents’ shift allowed, going to the babysitter when Mom worked 3-11 and Dad was at the station. That was life, it was all I knew, and the path I followed.

It’s amazing how 4 lbs and 11 ounces can completely upend your world and perspective, make you see what’s REALLY important in life. I went after something my heart was called to. I followed my gut, my intuition, even though it wasn’t the path I planned or the one I thought I was “supposed to” take, the job I was “supposed to” work forever until I retired with probably a bad back. I went after the road less traveled.

Building a business from home while mommin’ it up doesn’t always look neat and tidy (ok.. it never does 😂). Sometimes we have to take snack breaks and diaper breaks. Sometimes she shares her babbling input and cute smile on my calls. But I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

This business has given me time. Time to be home raising my daughter, time caring for my mom, time to be doing the things I’m most passionate about.

When you start following what you’re called to do instead of what you think you’re supposed to do, that’s scary. But it’s also courageous AF. It’s when your life takes on a whole new journey, THATS when you really start feeling free and creating your own vision.

I have 2 spots left for my new coach mentorship. They’re reserved for my hard working mamas ready to learn, take action and be home more with their babe(s). Someone ready to grow into her full potential and live a life she only sometimes let herself dream about.

Sound like you? I’ll walk you step by step through starting your own business from home, following the same system I use daily. I’ll teach you exactly how to start earning your initial investment back your first month.

We only have time for greatness and our biggest, craziest dreams 💕 Message me ASAP to claim your spot.

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