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Hey everyone! I am your Fit Foodie Mama, Jess!

Born and raised in northern Ohio, I always had an interest in HTML and creating my own website! You could say I blogged before blogging was a thing, playing around with basic code, pouring over my HTML book that I had bought at the mall bookstore with all my allowance money. Fast forward a few years, a mindset that I needed a 4 year degree and big girl job, having parents in the medical field drove me to the obvious choice of Nursing. Fast forward another 12 years and here we are. I’ve done ICU and OR nursing, worked my dream job as an Open Heart Surgical nurse, gotten all the certifications, and loved every second. Insert BABY.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d want to stay at home with my child. Hell for a good while, I didn’t see children in my future. Lifestyle choices then PCOS struggles had me knocking on the door of acceptance that it just wasn’t going to happen. But man, does He have a big beautiful plan for us all 🤗 We brought a beautiful, smart + sassy daughter into this world 17 months ago and I panicked when my maternity leave was up. I vowed to do anything and everything to get home to raise our girl.

I took my love for wellness and gifts as a helper + created an amazing community of women growing and inspiring one another on the journey to their goals. Over the last year, I’ve helped over 100 women start their wellness journeys, stay motivated and on track through the craziness that is life this year, and reach some amazing goals. I still work part time as an OR nurse and still love it, but my heart is at home these days.

My mom (who you’ll get to know along the way) asked me a couple weeks ago, “Why don’t you start a blog? You write so well and you’re already doing it everyday on your Facebook!” God love mamas 💕 It’s something that’s been on my list of goals forever (you know, that one that collects dust and you chalk up to being impossible or that you’ll get to.. someday). My mom has a terminal disease, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA-P) and through this last year especially, I have truly gained a whole new perspective on life and what is REALLY important. I no longer rely on “someday” and if you haven’t noticed.. it’s not a day anywhere on my calendar. My faith has never been stronger, and though we have been shook to the core with this horrible incurable disease, we are doing everything to make EVERY day count. For we never know when He will call us, and we may never know why things are the way they are, but we’ve never been closer and more grateful for this life we share.

Jessica Ricci

Life is too short for any more dust collecting. So here we are, uncensored, a little classy, a little hillbilly, full of love and laughs, and ready to share all things fitness, food, family, faith and of course, fun! Buckle up buttercup! 🤪 🤗