ONE Decision

December 12, 2020 | Fitness

That’s what kicked off this whole thing.

One decision that enough was enough. I was tired of feeling tired + lost in my new postpartum body. Despite being totally smitten with my new babe, I was in a cycle of breastfeeding, diapering, nipple shield struggles, learning how to keep a tiny human alive and still be me all at the same time. They don’t really share the step by step strategy for all that in the baby books (ask Jeff I read em aaaaaalll 😂📚).

One decision.

➡️ 50 lbs down from the day I gave birth and for the first time in my adult life, a NORMAL cholesterol level!

➡️2 more days every single week of lazy snuggles, breakfast dates, baby giggles in person (not via text from the sitter)

➡️ being able to give back to my parents, spend 2 more days every single week with my mom

➡️ rockin the debt snowball

➡️ an actual step closer to making our dream lake house a reality.

Where we can welcome our whole family + friends. Where our parents can watch their grandbabies run barefoot around the yard, light sparklers on Fourth of July, watch the orange sun sink below the sparkling water from the dock. A home where our kids can run in from the water, grab lunch and go right back out. Raising my kids with the lake love that’s in my heart #waterbaby.

I had no idea that one decision would bring me here, because if we’re being honest I just signed up for the discount, no intention of “working the business”. But 2 weeks into my program I felt amazing on the inside and if nothing else I wanted to pay that forward to even just one other mama who was stuck feeling like I had been.

Four weeks into my program I was feeling even more amazing overall, but also panicking about returning to work full time. I was so worried about missing any moments with Audrey. A worry that became fulfilled as I sat in the hospital breakroom between surgeries and watched her play + laugh via texts from our sitter 😭😔 At first I didn’t even believe those bigger dreams 🔝 I just knew I had to get home to my baby.

Ever considered doing what I do? Good news! I’m hosting a free inside peek at the opportunity next week.

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