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Jessica Ricci

Fill your cup first – Be the best for YOU so you can be the best for THEM

As someone who struggled with PCOS, fertility, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I became passionate about preventative wellness and creating the healthiest ecosystem possible for myself.

Everything I teach is a combination of personal experience and what I’ve learned through my nutrition coach training. It’s what I continue to use in my daily life and what has helped my clients lose anywhere from 5-50 lbs safely!

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Latest Articles

What if I fail?

Well ... what if I don’t? These were my thoughts when I started this business 1.5 years ago. But I was to the point where I didn’t care if I failed. Nothing could be worse than the way I was feeling. Not even failing at trying something new. Uncomfortable and foreign...

Debt Freedom

The road to debt freedom isn’t always easy.. or in the green . This last month I sat down and tackled.. dun dun dunnnn.. my budget. Although I’m a very disciplined checkbook register keeper, I’m not always a disciplined spender. Thank you, Amazon Prime . So for...

Life is too short for ordinary

I absolutely loved it. Until I had a reason to question everything I’d ever known. I got the degree, I got the job, I got the steady income. I also got the hospital’s needs, the hospital’s schedule, the call and the life that revolves around those things. I never...

This could never have happened a year ago

I sacrificed a day of pay which, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t have been a smart financial decision. Two weeks before returning to my full-time nursing job, we were spending a beautiful late summer weekend in our camper. The sun was shining, I was watching Audrey...

We’re not normal

The road less traveled is that way for a reason. It’s hard. It’s sometimes lonely. But it’s also refining. And so effing worth it. We are not the norm. We are bucking the system, the ones that get weird looks and have people talking about us because we don’t want to...

Treat yourself Well

It’s difficult to see this side by side. It’s crazy to think that this is the same person, yet SO SO not the same person. I used to live “free”, complete treat yo'self mentality, YOLO. I was anything but free. I was trapped in my own hamster wheel, perfectly capable...

One Decision

That’s what kicked off this whole thing. One decision that enough was enough. I was tired of feeling tired + lost in my new postpartum body. Despite being totally smitten with my new babe, I was in a cycle of breastfeeding, diapering, nipple shield struggles, learning...

Flow with friends

Three years ago I was struggling. My yoga mat was rolled up collecting dust and cobwebs in a storage container. I had the best love I’d ever known, and finally the sense to accept it. But I also had a lot of past hurts I’d never really dealt with. Swept under the rug...

I don’t know when I’d have time

Imagine coming home from the grocery store, pulling down your street and seeing smoke. Your ears perk up, immediate pit in stomach. As you get closer, you see its coming from your house. You whip into the driveway, run to the door.. it’s jammed and your baby girl is...

Old ways don’t open new doors

You have to challenge your body to change it. You also have to challenge your mind, rewrite the default code. We are programmed to be cynical, have a negative bias. It’s a safety mechanism to a point but often it becomes our normal thought pattern. I work everyday to...

The TRUTH about transformation

When I say it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s from that painful place of experience. I KNOW what it feels like to want to snap your fingers and get the quick fix. I KNOW how hopeless it feels to not even want to try, because you always quit everything. I KNOW how hard...



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