The Ultimate Accountability

February 22, 2021 | Fitness

Coaches get the best transformations.

I used to quit everything. Never finished a workout program, always skipped out on training sessions (sorry to all my amazing former trainers- it was ME not you), never stuck to a nutrition plan longer than a few weeks at MOST.

So what the heck changed?

I became a coach.

Say whaaaat?! 🤪

No experience, horrible track record, and no physical results yet, but I signed up anyway. It FELT right..Not only was I held more accountable to show up for myself but I was leading a small (I’m talkin 2 😂) group of friends and if nothing else I HAD to walk the walk for them. Who wants to work with a coach who doesn’t stick to her own plan? I’ll tell you who.. NO ONE 😂🤪

It doesn’t stop with me. Swipe over for some of my coaches’ results. They came in wanting a change for themselves and now pay it forward helping others create change as well. I have been blessed to walk this path with them and am blown away by the growth + confidence they exude.

The BEST form of accountability, an amazing community of support + positivity. Worst case scenario? You get in the best shape of your life and make some new friends.

My new coach mentorship starts tomorrow and I have ONE spot left. I will walk you through your first month, help you start your own plan and show you how to help others get started with you..You don’t need a bunch of followers, a ton of experience or even be at your fitness goals to start. You just need a desire to help yourself and others, and take the first step. I’ll teach you the rest along the way 🤗.

Message me to snag the spot for yourself 💕 You never know the ripple one decision can make.

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