There is Power in the Pen

January 31, 2021 | Health + Wellness

Ever since middle school I considered myself a bad writer because I didn’t make it into the Power of the Pen club. Isn’t it crazy how the littlest event or moment can shape some of our biggest thoughts about ourselves?!

I used to research how to publish my own book, fascinated by the process, always writing stories. That one small event stopped me in my tracks and made my mind up that I wasn’t meant for it.

But I always had a diary, as I got older journaling was therapeutic, a way to calm the monkey mind, soothe the constant internal monologue.

Insert a little self care and the ripple effect coaching has had on MY life, not just others. It’s given me belief. It’s given me the confidence to own my truth and share it in hopes of helping just one other person see the light in themselves. That’s a pretty damn good return on investment 🥰

Mom said I should start a blog. Good with words, you’re a great writer, I’ve heard from others. Compliments I blew off because I had this limiting belief that was rooted so long ago. If nothing else this year, I’m gonna keep sharing my journey + my truth 💕

Is there a dream, idea, something in YOUR life you immediately count yourself out of because of an old belief you have about yourself? Isn’t it at least worth taking a second look at that belief? Let’s dig in a little bit.

⏩What is the belief?

⏩Where did it come from/when did it start?

⏩Do you have evidence in your life to contradict it (aka list out your book of proof?)

⏩Focus on that proof to the contrary + start re-working that belief (note: just as all good things.. it doesn’t happen immediately, it takes some consistent effort!)

Our minds and our beliefs are not set in stone. WE have the power to change them, course correct, alter.. no matter how far down the path we’ve gone, it’s never too late. You never know the ripple effect or the impact you may have with just changing ONE limiting belief about yourself.

What if I never would’ve changed that belief about me? Chances are certain that you wouldn’t be reading this. Because I wouldn’t have written it, definitely wouldn’t have shared it. Just a little something to chew on this Sunday 😘

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