A New Normal I Never Would Have Imagined

December 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

I sacrificed a day of pay which, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t have been a smart financial decision.

Two weeks before returning to my full-time nursing job, we were spending a beautiful late summer weekend in our camper. The sun was shining, I was watching Audrey coo and laugh, and I suddenly was hit with ALL the FOMO. In 2 weeks I’d be trading time away from my child. Going to earn a paycheck to pay someone to take care of my baby so that I could take care of someone else’s family. Sounds a little backwards right?? I thought so too.

In that moment, I remembered an email from a girl I didn’t really know, but had been watching on social media. She had been able to get in the best shape of her life AND come home to take care of her baby full time. If she could do it, why couldn’t I? It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about because it wasn’t the expected path. It wasn’t something I’d ever been raised to consider, really..Nothing against my parents, they’re amazing, hardworking, and gave us the best life. They worked everyday outside the home, both having earned their degrees and moving up in their workplaces to upper management as amazing leaders and motivators. That was what I always knew to be the path and never questioned it, followed it myself. Until I had a BIG reason to veer off and try something new. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right??

Fast forward a year and some change.. I’m spending a lazy, relaxing morning at home with my daughter. We slept in, had our breakfast date (why she chose Mac n cheese with blueberries is beyond me but hey girl, you do you 😂🤷🏻‍♀️). I didn’t have FOMO this morning. I didn’t have to watch my baby via text photos and videos today. I was HOME for the little, seemingly small moments, and I never would have been able to do that had I stayed the “expected” path, the normal route.

Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to grow something from nothing, becoming your best self in the process, bringing yourself home to raise your daughter? If you’re like I was, you thought it was for other people. The idea of having your own business never crossed your mind and if it did, you blew it off as crazy because that wasn’t for people like us. I’m here to tell you it IS for people JUST like us. People looking for MORE than the normal grind. Punching in and out, making just enough to be okay, for someone else to raise our babies while we go make the money to pay them.

The last year hasn’t been a cake walk, I’ve had to learn new things, work early, fit this business in where I could. But the work has been so fulfilling, helping other people literally change their lives and see how amazing they are. The work has also brought me home part time, and I’m not nearly finished yet. The work has been so worth every extra second I’ve had with Audrey and my mom. It is worth every extra car payment I get to make, every extra emergency fund dollar I’ve saved. The feeling of safety from that alone is worth it. To not have to worry what potential financial disaster will happen because we can handle it, it’s covered. That also couldn’t have happened a year ago.

What life do you feel stuck in? What path are you on that feels like the one you’re “supposed to” be on but isn’t fulfilling you OR your family? Maybe it’s not being home with your kids, like it was for me. Maybe it’s a job that no longer fuels your fire. Maybe it’s the crushing weight of student loans or credit card debt (also me). Maybe we’re not so different, you and I.

Imagine if trying something different wasn’t scary or crazy at all. Just.. different. Nothing changes if nothing changes, remember? Message me if you’re looking for more, I’m helping 3 women get started on their own freedom journey this month.

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