This VS That – PB&J Style

October 21, 2021 | Uncategorized


Option 1:

the obvious choice when I’m already making Audrey a PB&J for lunch. Who doesn’t love a good crunchy PB and grape jelly sammie?! Some salty chips and a “healthy” carrot ginger juice to wash it down right?

Option 2:

a more mindful, more nutritious version of the classic fave WITH chocolate.

My “snack” actually has enough calories to serve as a meal and then some. It also left me feeling bloated and sluggish. NOT what I’m looking for midday after feeding Audrey and getting her down for her nap. Sure some days I nap too, but that post lunch slump is not what I usually have in mind for my “me time”.

The latter option leaves me feeling full, satisfied yet energetic. It’s a quick easy option that can be whipped together in 2 minutes and taken to go if needed.


•1 cup frozen mixed berries
•1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
•1 scoop chocolate protein superfoods powder
•Optional: ice

What’s your favorite healthy on-the-go option?

*PS monkey see monkey do.. Audrey will ask for “Audrey shake” and I’ll either give her a little of mine mixed with extra milk OR make her own with a made-for-kiddo version. Crushed up fruit + veggies, yummy flavor options and perfect for picky eaters and snacks. Message me for more info!

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