Upper Body Burn

March 23, 2021 | Fitness

If you want to tone, lift, sculpt.. THIS IS FOR YOU.

Ladies.. let me just say it right here. Strength training will not make you bulky unless you’re eating a surplus of calories, lifting massive weight 4-5x a week, and also somehow increasing your testosterone levels.

I will also tell you that NONE of that is including in my training plans. So.. myth busted 😘

The most common goals I see when first speaking with potential clients is weight loss and toning. That is achieved through improved nutrition and a combo of strength training + cardio. A little of each, consistently. THAT is most definitely included in my training plans.

Sound like something you’re needing in your life?

Want to book a 1:1 consultation, where we can plan out your success system today?

Want a awesome upper body circuit?

Click the link below!

Complete each move for one minute. Repeat the whole thing once.

💥 BONUS round (not pictured):

-Alternating hammer curls (kneeling)

-Alternating tricep kickbacks

-Bicycle crunches

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