We’re Not Normal

December 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

The road less traveled is that way for a reason. It’s hard. It’s sometimes lonely. But it’s also refining. And so effing worth it.

We are not the norm. We are bucking the system, the ones that get weird looks and have people talking about us because we don’t want to stay comfortable. We’re the ones not up to date on our shows, trading them for building businesses that sometimes have our families thinking we’ve lost it. We’re the ones with crazy ass goals and dreams.

But we’re also the ones building income from home, paying mortgages and eliminating debt forever. Investing in real estate properties to gift our children when they’re of age. We’re the ones helping people Change. Their. Lives. Showing the world what’s possible when you getting committed AF and maybe a little crazy 😜.

Willing to take a different path, to create a different future. I went to school, got the degree, the mortgage, the kid, and the credit card debt. I’ve got the “American dream” covered. I’m working toward the Jessica dream. The one with no debt, no stress, no time clock punches, and a family lake home compound. The one where Audrey doesn’t have to settle ever, where she knows exactly what work ethic and sweat equity looks like.

I’ve seen all too clearly how short this life is and I don’t have time for average. I don’t want to go to bed wondering if working someone’s else’s schedule to bring home ok money and get by is all my future holds. I want extraordinary, so you better believe it’s gonna require the road less traveled, the unconventional path.

How about you? Extraordinary what you’re looking for? Unconventional a path you’re willing to take? Let’s go friend, 2021 has beautiful things in store for us. I have 3 spots open for a 1:1 business mentorship, where I’ll give you everything you need to start your business from home, and start toward whatever YOUR dream is. The only thing you have to give up is your excuses, and the ordinary. 🤗.#SeriousInquiresOnly

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