What If I Fail?

January 3, 2021 | Health + Wellness, Mom Life

Well 💩… what if I don’t?

These were my thoughts when I started this business 1.5 years ago. But I was to the point where I didn’t care if I failed. Nothing could be worse than the way I was feeling. Not even failing at trying something new. Uncomfortable and foreign in my postpartum body, zero confidence, didn’t want to see myself naked in the mirror let alone allow Jeff to see it 🤷🏻‍♀️ (Ladies we’ve covered this one.. they don’t care, they DTF 😂🤪) I was also panicking about going back to work. That ugly cry, can’t catch your breath, snot running down your face hysteria. I was terrified of missing every moment with Audrey. I was becoming aware of how fragile and short life was, and I just couldn’t grab on tight enough.

So I said yes. Even though I had NO clue what I was doing, NO experience with business or marketing. Even though I was about as open and vulnerable as a porcupine. Even though I was skeptical AF and pretty sure I’d fail at this, because who’s gonna want to be coached by someone who’s never finished a program before? I said yes ANYWAY. Because the alternative was too painful to stay stuck in. And.. what if? What if I didn’t fail?.I got in the ring, I showed up for my own health and fitness, started sharing little by little, learning about social media features, and how to help other people get started with their own program. How to take a good selfie 😂 I proved (mostly to myself!) that I COULD in fact finish a fitness program 😲🤗 I got more comfortable with being uncomfortable, putting myself out there a little in hopes that I could help even one other mama who was going through the same 💩 I was, helping her feel even just a little better about herself, a little more confident as a woman and mother.

Have you hit that point? Have you had enough? Are you tired of going to bed thinking “is this all there is?” Are you ready to risk failing if it means you’ll fly? (Side note: there aren’t failures, there are lessons).

I’m taking on 2 women this month, walking you step by step through how to start your own virtual wellness business. Bonus: you’ll probably achieve your best physical + mental self along the way 🤗 and get to surround yourself with some pretty badass women.

So.. what questions do you have and are you ready to fly? Drop me a 👊🏻 below or message me to set up a time to chat. I’m scheduling call spots this week 💕

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