What is Coaching, Anyway?

January 24, 2021 | Mom Life

This is what my business looks like 99% of the time. Not posing in Lulu’s or being on social media all day everyday (in fact I’m not even “on” social media that much 😳🤯). Not in person get together and workout parties (although we do have zoom workout parties). Not a perfectly crafted IG feed. THIS. This is the real behind (and on) the reel.

Hoodies, mama juice, personal development reads/audios, calls w/ fellow coaches, a to-do list and office that I can take anywhere. Whether it’s on a trip, in the dining room, in the car, or at my desk (rare 😂). I fit this business in where I can, in focused + intentional work blocks. I have a part time nursing gig, and a full time mom/daughter/sister/friend gig. I don’t have a million hours a day to pour into my business but I do have pockets of time and a hell of a lot of passion and intent, especially for my people that need my help and show up daily.

Nowadays, it is also calls and meeting with my team, helping them set up their own businesses, mentoring them through getting their clients started on a new health journey, encouraging my VIP ladies in their programs, working side by side with them..But it didn’t start that way, it took time to get here. This is 1.5 years in. At the beginning? It was still me, hoodies and mama juice, but mostly just me. Showing up for myself consistently, leading the way for a handful of close friends and fam, and sharing the thing that had changed my life, paying it forward to even just one other person..It doesn’t take a perfectly crafted IG feed, a million followers and a 6 pack to start or succeed. It takes heart and some hard work, and the rest shows up along the way.

I’m taking 3 more women step by step through starting their own virtual wellness biz next month. Message me to set up a time to chat + see if you’re a good fit 💕

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