You Are What You Eat

March 22, 2021 | Wellness, Nutrition

You are what you eat 😳 Good in = good out. You’re smart, you can figure out the flip side of that equation.

In January we did a one week sugar detox group that was straight 🔥 Several individuals from that group decided to keep going and use that week to launch themselves into some new healthier habits. A couple of those individuals reached out to me this week to let me know that they’ve lost 9 and 17 pounds, feel amazing, and are so inspired to keep going on this new path. 🥰

Nutrition, or lack thereof, affects SO many systems and functions in our bodies. When I started treating my body like the intricate ecosystem it is instead of a dumpster, I started to see and feel some amazing things. It’s now my mission to pay that forward and teach others how to create that change in their lives 💜

Lots of ways to see what this looks like and get some ideas on creating change in your nutrition! Starting tomorrow, I’m going LIVE with the first module of my new mini course!

Next week, we’re going GREEN with gains in my free group, jazzing up some amazing salad recipes and sharing different ways to add more greens + veggies into your meal plans.

Message me directly to get into the mini course! Comment with your favorite GIF below to GO GREEN with us next week!!

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